About Us

So Debonair is a system designed for the stylist to simplify their life. It is a useful tool to help the stylist stay educated and aware of the newest and latest technology used in hair care. It is an organizational tool designed to help with scheduling, budgeting, product maintenance, and time management. It is a tool used for life sustainability. The clients at So Debonair have access to business plans, health/legal insurance plan and life investment opportunities. These plans give our clients the opportunity to build their future and the knowledge on how to live a self-sustaining life. Our Motto here is Plant Your Seed Today So You Can Eat Tomorrow.

Who we are

Hi, if you are reading this page you must be interested in So Debonair, who we are, how we got started and how we can help You!

So Debonair became a concept many years ago when I realized that good personal hair care was not that easy to find. Many of times I would go to a hairstylist explain to them what type of hairstyle i wanted, what I was looking for and discuss previous products that was used on my hair; often times I found myself leaving the stylist chair unsatisfied and with bad results. Many times the products used would be too harsh for my hair and cause breakage and fall outs. At that time my only solution was to travel back to my home town and pay a visit to my original stylist. This became expensive and somewhat ridiculous, the cost to Chicago from California. Ouch!! Yes you can imagine this was more than the hairstyle itself. However this sparked an ideal, what if there was a personal bio about my stylist and the products she used on my hair, for my hair type and body chemistry. A list of products that my stylist used which could be easily accessible for my out of town stylist or any new stylist I tried so that I could be afforded that best hair treatment no matter where I go. This list of products would assist the new stylist with information about my hair type and at the very least allow to determine a product that would be comparable to the ones previously used in my hair. This was the match that started the spark which has created the fire of So Debonair.

A system designed to help manage your personal health care by the stylist at the click of a button. A created database of clients, products, scheduling, and images of the stylist art.


Could it Be You?

The Vision doesn’t stop there. One day as I was sitting in my stylist chair, I thought about how often I go and see my stylist and how there is always a long wait and how my stylist never seems to get off her feet. I then asked my beautician “what do you do if you get sick?” She replied “Girl I can’t get sick!” “I have to come and make this money, if I don’t work I don’t eat!” This prompted another idea in my head how could these hardworking professionals tap into the benefits that many other fortune 500 companies have. What could they do to protect themselves from aging, slow economy, unexpected illness, and unexpected life circumstances. My light bulb went off. I need to help them create a business plan that can help sustain them now and later. A plan that invest in themselves so that when there no longer capable of standing on their feet, they would be able to generate income and sustain a decent livelihood. ‘A one stop beauty shop’ designed for the stylist and client to meet their personal needs. So here we are So Debonair where our motto is ‘Plant Your Seed Today So You Can Eat Tomorrow’!